Alisha began her yoga practice in 2010 to reduce injuries and find efficiency in movement after years of distance and trail running. Through her personal exploration of asana and meditation, she began to discover the interconnectedness of physical and mental health. She has an M.S. in Psychology and is pursuing a Ph.D. in Family Therapy exploring the importance of acceptance, compassion, and confidence in relationships with ourselves and others. She is constantly seeking knowledge and new experiences in all facets of life. This is evident in her passion for the performance art of aerial silks which led her to the perfect combination of aerial yoga. Alisha completed her RYT 200 with Zingara Teacher Training focusing on individual differences and AirCat Level 1 and 2 Aerial Yoga Teacher Training. As a yoga instructor, Alisha hopes to share the balance she has found while grounding through the earth and taking ones practice into the air.